Niko Papadatos

With over 36 years of skin care experience, Niko is recognized as world leader in organic skin care. For many years he was a featured guest artist on City Line as well countless magazine covers and editorials. Niko’s embracing of true USDA Certified Organic skin care has resulted in the establishment of ORGA-NIKO LABS. Known for their award-winning formulas, Niko’s “step outside the box” concept offers his clients a key component to creating a unique and successful brand. Named one of the most influential men in the spa industry, Niko Papadatos leads the world in discovering innovative new ingredients that lie hidden in our forests. Proudly, Niko ethically harvests many of their high antioxidant ingredients from their own certified organic 40-acre estate. Join Niko on his organic journey and let him and his team guide you to success.


Sunday 10:30 a.m. Room: 206-F


Stimulate your senses with an organic approach. Register this time slot for one of the most important seminars being offered at the show. Let Niko guide you through the five steps of creating a successful certified organic skin care brand. Become a brand manufacturer and avoid the high cost of brand names, eliminate online price competition, restore client brand loyalty while increasing your own brand prestige. Be one of the first to experience the launch of three exciting new organic alternatives to hyaluronic acid, retinol and hydroquinone, that will revolutionize the skincare industry. Niko will be offering his “Step outside the box” procedure that ensures success to his clients. Be sure to arrive early, class space is limited. All participants will be receiving an organic gift after the presentation.