Pat Shibley-Gauthier

Pat is celebrating her 40th year in the permanent makeup industry. A past Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) board member, an SPCP Trainer member, international educator and speaker, Pat Shibley-Gauthier is the owner and president of Micro-Pigmentation Centre, Inc. Her passion and history have awarded Micro the success of many graduates who have joined the ranks of some of the most elite artists in cosmetic tattooing. Her service in the industry has been fully extended through pigment manufacturing for almost three decades to develop and provide the industry with 83 high-quality pigment formulations. This journey has led her into global initiatives providing specialized colour theory and ingredient workshops in Australia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. The industry has been an extension of her family for the past four decades. As a devoted educator, speaker, manufacturer and veteran of the trade, she has found gratification and stamina in growing alongside her students, distributors, and the industry to where it is today.


Sunday 10:30 a.m. Room: 205-C


With many new and exciting products and innovations taking place at Micro-Pigmentation Centre, owner and president Pat Shibley-Gauthier will be highlighting the most popular items and newest trends and tools to make the most out of your PMU procedures. Join her lecture to hear the latest in colour theory and what’s new in the cosmetic tattooing industry. Stop by the booth to talk pigments, check out MicroLash Lift & Tint kits with free training, and get a glimpse of up-and-coming procedural supplies and treatments that the MicroMethod Academy has to offer. Focusing her lecture on colour theory and pigments, Pat’s 40-year career in the permanent makeup industry offers a wealth of knowledge on any questions you may have.