spa show 2020 featured speaker jayna marie

Enough talking about makeup: it’s time to pick up some brushes and make magic happen! Come take part in an intimate demo class where Jayna Marie will give step-by-step instruction as she creates the make-up looks that have clients flying her around the world! Whether you’re a pro, a wannabe makeup artist or sim- ply a woman wanting to look better than her friends (#GOALS), this is the session for you!

Topics covered will include (but aren’t limited to): how and when to contour, creating the perfect brows, selecting the perfect colour palette for each client, working on mature skin, creating a flawless founda- tion, colour correcting, latest trends and more!

Looks covered will range from natural to super glam and everything in between. You’ll see makeovers on women with different skin tones and, who knows, maybe you’ll end up in the demo chair yourself! Come with all your beauty-related questions and be prepared to laugh… After all, makeup is fun!