Brahm “Brahma” Olszynko

Practising massage therapy since 2000, Brahma is a certified acupressurist and orthotherapist (which include craniosacral therapy and myofascial release). In addition, Brahma trained for 3 years in Thailand to become an advanced Hatha Yoga instructor. His practice and life philosophy are centred around mindfulness and bringing calm to his clients. He spent four years leading the massage therapy department at Holt Renfrew Vancouver BC, where he first developed the Esthetic Massage Program. During his time at Holt, he worked closely with the esthetician team, identifying a need to crosstrain them in the practice of massage to help enhance their services. The result was a better experience for their clients, improving their return rates and tips. Brahma’s passion and professionalism sets him above and beyond standard esthetician training in this field. Brahma’s desire to develop massage excellence within esthetician’s services is the foundation that makes this program so unique and worthwhile.


Sunday 1:30 p.m. Room: 205-A


This lecture will touch upon a few of the advanced teachings offered in the Esthetic Massage Program, a 5-module, 20-hour program in esthetic massage excellence. Come for this helpful perspective on how to f ind physical awareness in the workplace, and how to translate that into practical uses for a long, healthy career. Brahma will address how to shift the mind to the awareness needed to work in a more profound and professional way. He will also include great tips on how you can keep your body more aligned, efficient and sustainable. Come and join us!