ESI spa show featured speaker Elgha Centento

As a follow-up to her popular “Understanding the science behind light technologies” lecture, and in response to the numerous questions she is asked on a daily basis, Elgha Centeno offers you this Master Class to provide you with additional insight on the various light technologies on the market, and on radiofrequency (traditional and fractionated). The goal here is to increase your knowledge of the science behind these technologies, so you are better able to compare the various options and equipments with which you are already working or are considering leasing or buying.

This class will also cover myths and misconceptions about some technologies, to help you educate your clients, as well as points about professional consultations, hygiene and safety. This lecture is an excellent complement for those who are passionate about the subject and already have some experience with these technologies, and who wish to increase their knowledge to become leaders in esthetic technologies.