Erica Nieuwenhuis

Erica Nieuwenhuis has cultivated a unique skill set over the past 20 years that positions her to have a comprehensive perspective of the cosmetic nail industry – one that enables her to look at the industry from the perspective of the nail stylist, the spa owner and the brand. She is a Bio Sculpture certified nail stylist with over 23 years of experience, an accomplished research scientist with a Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine (2006, University of Toronto) and holds a certificate in Marketing Strategy from Cornell University (2017). Since 2009 she has worked closely with countless nail stylists, salons and spas as a salon consultant and educator for Bio Sculpture. In addition to peer-reviewed scientific publications, she regularly contributes editorial content to trade and consumer publications as a nail expert. As a nail stylist, Erica’s work can be found on the glossy pages and covers of magazines. With her talent and focus on lifelong learning, she rose through the ranks and became the CEO of Bio Sculpture Canada in 2017. In 2019 she was appointed as Technical Ambassador for Bio Sculpture International with an emphasis on creating effective messages to foster a deeper understanding of complex technical data to enhance education, promote safe practices and create increased awareness of nail health.


Sunday 1:30 a.m. Room: 205-C


In the fast-evolving nail care industry, navigating the minefield of new products and new techniques often requires background information not easily accessible to professionals. What should you look for in a nail care product? Does your chosen nail product tick all the boxes when it comes to health and safety? Erica will discuss the seven secrets of success in establishing a thriving nail business. In addition, she will address common nail myths and demystify ambiguous nail product terminology. Learn everything you need to know about investing in a product line that is right for you and your clientele. Each attendee will receive a gift and a certificate.