Lorraine Perretta

With over 30 years’ experience as a nutritionist, Lorraine Perretta is Head of Advanced Nutrition Programme with International Institute for Anti-Ageing and is based in London, England. During the past 13 years with this pioneering brand, she has educated tens of thousands of professionals and inspired skin care estheticians, medical estheticians and dermatologists to include skin care supplements as a key pillar for skin care and health. Lorraine regularly features in trade and consumer publications and is a popular speaker at esthetic conferences worldwide. In addition to her work at Advanced Nutrition Programme, Lorraine acts as Senior Clinical Nutritionist at a not-for-profit clinic and authored a book, Food for Thought. With a far-reaching expertise of nutrition coupled with experience on all facets of the professional skincare industry, Lorraine offers a unique perspective on the “beauty from within” approach to skincare.


Sunday 2:30 p.m. Room: 206-F


The microbiome: the new weapon to anti-aging. Recent studies show how beneficial bacteria residing in our gut as well as our skin can have a profound impact on our health, including digestive issues, mental health as well as skin conditions. This informative session explores the role of the human microbiome and how skin professionals can use oral supplementation with specific bacterial strains to target intrinsic and extrinsic factors of aging.

Monday 10:30 a.m. Room: 206-F


The rise of the “skintellectual” consumer heightened popularity for technical, topical skincare during the 2010s. This thirst has now extended to nutritional supplements, with clients seeking authentic, expert information to decode the difference between fads and facts. Discover how skin professionals can enhance topical products and treatments by ensuring the skin is well nourished from the inside to address skin problems and aid in healing. The session will include specific vitamins and nutrients to address difficult skin problems including dryness, pigmentation, acne, lines and wrinkles. The past decade has seen global growth of the beauty from within the market. It is now worth over $8 billion and is expected to continue to grow globally in the next decade. Learn how to introduce key skin supplements to your practice to get better and faster results from every esthetic treatment.